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Two Crewmembers showing One Love

At Raising Cane’s, our Restaurants are at the center of everything we do. Because of this, everyone who works at Cane’s, no matter their role, is a Fry Cook & Cashier. Before anyone starts at Cane’s, even if they are working at one of our Restaurant Support Offices (RSO), they complete Restaurant Training – where they learn who we are at Cane’s firsthand. Once they complete Restaurant Training, they earn their Fry Cook & Cashier title – a badge we all wear proudly on our sleeves!

In the fall of 2021, when the labor market was at an all-time low, with several of our Restaurants being severely understaffed, our Crewmembers knew it was time to step up.

Several of our RSO Crewmembers went directly to our Co-CEO and COO AJ Kumaran and asked him if they could help. They volunteered to pick up an extra shift wherever possible in their local Cane’s, and they even offered to travel to other markets that needed support.

Crewmember working in the kitchen

With so many RSO Crewmembers stepping up, AJ made the push official – dubbing it ’50 in 50’ – where we set a goal of getting to 50,000 Crewmembers within the next 50 days. That meant we would be hiring 10,000 Crewmembers in a tough hiring market – something that only Cane’s could do!

Dozens of our RSO Crewmembers traveled to other markets to help work extra shifts in the Restaurants, or even help with boots-on-the-ground recruiting efforts. RSO Crewmembers would go straight from the office to their local Restaurant to pick up a shift or two – all with the common goal of getting to 50,000 Crewmembers in 50 days!  

Crewmembers serving up One Love

With the Cane’s family in action, we saw a 150% boost in applicant flow, brought more than 13,000 new Crew on board and created 5,000 new jobs in our local Communities. But even more important than that, we showed every Crewmember at Cane’s that we have their back. We appreciate everything they do, and when times are tough, we will always do whatever it takes to support our fellow Crew!

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