Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Our Story

The road to Raising Cane’s® has been an incredible entrepreneurial adventure.

Our Founder, Todd Graves (Founder, CEO, Fry Cook & Cashier) took a few pictures along the way. Flip through and find out what it took to bring his dream of Raising Cane’s® to reality.
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No Money.

I got the worst grade on my business plan for a college class. The professor said a chicken finger restaurant would never work. The banks said the same.

Oil Refinery.

I took a job as a boilermaker working 90 hour weeks in the L.A. refinery to raise my own money.


Then I fished commercially for Sockeye Salmon in Alaska, working 20 hour days in the dangerous conditions.

Home Again.

When I returned, I had the money I earned, and was able to get a SBA loan. Just enough to start the first restaurant.


The first Raising Cane’s®, “The Mothership”, was an old building I renovated myself with help at the entrance of LSU.

The Mural.

During the renovation, we found an old mural on the original brick wall that inspired the design of our Raising Cane’s® logo.

First Day.

The first Raising Cane’s® opened in 1996. We were so busy, we stayed open ‘til 3:30 a.m. It was great to work with such a fun, dedicated crew!


Thank you to everyone who believed in the vision of Raising Cane’s® - to make the highest quality chicken finger meals anywhere.