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2020 Top 200

The 100 largest restaurant companies in America ranked by growth in U.S. foodservice revenue

NRN staff | Aug 17, 2020

In this data table, find the Top 100 foodservice companies ranked by Latest-Year U.S. foodservice revenue growth. Also included is each company’s Preceding-Year and Prior-Year totals, as well as the date of each company’s fiscal year-end. Latest-Year results are for fiscal years completed in late 2019 and early 2020.

On average, the Top 100 Companies saw Latest-Year revenue growth of 3.2%, compared with an average Preceding-Year increase of 16.4%. Companies with fiscal years ending after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic contributed to that slowing in aggregate revenue growth. One of the seven companies with fiscal years ending during the pandemic realized a 1.9% increase in reported Latest-Year food-and-beverage revenue, but the other six saw year-over-year decreases.

Top 200 Table

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Raising Cane’s Restaurants LLC led all companies in Latest-Year year-over-year U.S. revenue growth. It appears its expansion efforts may have benefitted from the acquisition of franchised locations. Other companies in the Top 5 also relied on acquisitions to achieve a good deal of their gains.

Meanwhile, four of the five companies with the lowest rankings for change in Latest-Year estimated or reported U.S. revenue landed those rankings in large part because of concept divestitures.

Eldridge Industries (NPC International Inc.) had no reported or discernible estimated revenue in the Prior Year and is not included in the average. The two Top 100 Companies not shown on this table, BDT Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Advisors LLC, had no reported, estimated or otherwise discernible U.S. revenue in the Preceding and Prior Years.

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