Raising Cane’s Begins New Orleans Expansion

Crescent City Caniacs are buzzing about the latest wave of Raising Cane’s restaurants coming their way.

Louisiana’s largest restaurant company is expanding its New Orleans presence by adding six more locations in Orleans Parish. Four of those restaurants will open in the next five months.

The first opened last week in the food court at the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, located at 500 Port of New Orleans. A grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony with the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce and other local dignitaries took place at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 22. First-time visitors were treated to traditional cheers and other high-energy chants to launch the location in unique Cane’s fashion, compliments of 50-60 newly hired crewmembers.

The first 100 customers dining in that day received a free commemorative Cane’s Riverwalk T-shirt and a voucher for a free Box Combo that may be redeemed on a subsequent visit. In addition, Riverwalk customers are invited to participate in the company’s “Give Back Giveaway” tradition through Thursday, May 29, in which one lucky person will win a $1,000 donation to his or her local charity of choice, along with Free Cane’s for a Year.

“We’ve been expanding for several years all across the country, but we’ll never forget where we started,” said Derrick Dunne, Operations Advisor for the New Orleans and Greater New Orleans area. “Louisiana is where Todd Graves opened his first Raising Cane’s, so there’s nothing quite as special as growing in our back yard.”

Raising Cane’s mission extends beyond the kitchen and into the community with each grand opening, and New Orleans is certainly no exception. Prior to the grand opening, Riverwalk General Manager Eric Cocus and his crewmembers offered their time and energy volunteering at the Crescent City Lights Youth Theatre. New Orleans’ only theater company to present musicals with an all-children cast recently underwent some renovations, and Cocus and his crew stopped by on May 15 to help reorganize it for the kids to enjoy once again.

Having worked for the company for more than five years, Cocus said he’s proud to help Cane’s increase its presence in the Big Easy, as well as across Louisiana.

“The secret behind our success is really no secret at all. When you combine a quality product with an unwavering commitment to community support, and back it up with so many fun-loving and dedicated people, there’s nowhere else to go but up,” Cocus said. “I ran into so many people here around the Riverwalk and French Quarter who told me they couldn’t wait for us to open our newest Cane’s.  The people of New Orleans have spoken – and they are demanding more chicken fingers. We’re happy to oblige!”

The Riverwalk location marks the 14th restaurant in the Greater New Orleans area and the 57th in the state of Louisiana. The new restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.