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Raising Cane’s is committed to safely serving you and your loved ones.

Watch a message from our founder to find out more.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Raising Cane’s Donates Over $500,000 to Local Hospitals Nationwide

Raising Cane’s Culture is built on serving its Communities. During these unprecedented times, the popular brand known for its ONE LOVE® – quality chicken finger meals – is reinforcing this commitment by supporting local healthcare workers that are bravely serving on the frontlines. To date, Raising Cane’s has donated thousands of chicken finger meals to local healthcare workers, raised money through its Virtual Entertainment Series, and even have had some Cane’s Crewmembers sewing threeply cloth masks.

Most recently, Raising Cane’s launched a fundraiser, selling Cane’s branded neck-gaiters nationwide. Impacting more than 80 healthcare organizations across the country, 100% of the net proceeds from these sales have been donated to local hospitals in each of the Communities that Raising Cane’s serves.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2020

Crew and Customer Safety Is Our Top Priority

Watch a message from our founder about the steps we are taking to prepare for the reopening of our dining rooms.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Raising Cane’s Teams Up with Snoop Dogg, Shaq, NFL Stars to Celebrate Graduating Seniors Nationwide

Grab your cap and gown because Raising Cane’s, Snoop Dogg (DJ Snoopadelic) and Shaquille O’Neal (DJ Diesel) are hosting an epic graduation party for high school and college seniors across the nation.

On Friday, May 15 at 8 p.m. CST, the popular brand known for its ONE LOVE® – quality chicken finger meals – is hosting a Virtual Graduation Party on Facebook Live featuring DJ Snoopadelic and DJ Diesel.

In addition, throughout the week, high schools and colleges from coast to coast that have formed special partnerships with Raising Cane’s will each receive customized “Congrats Seniors!” videos featuring one of three major pro football stars: Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

“Our partnerships with high schools and colleges in Communities across the country are some of our most cherished relationships, so we weren’t about to let their seniors move on without a proper celebration,” said Raising Cane’s Founder & CEO Todd Graves. “We knew we had to step up and do something special for the Class of 2020, and I immediately thought of my friends Snoop and Shaq. This graduation celebration is going to be epic!”

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Raising Cane’s Continues Support for Heroes on the Frontlines

Supporting the Communities it serves is woven in Raising Cane’s DNA. So even though its dining rooms remain closed and stay-at-home restrictions continue to be widespread, Raising Cane’s is committed to supporting healthcare workers that are bravely serving on the frontlines.

The popular brand known for its ONE LOVE® – quality chicken finger meals – is actively supporting local healthcare workers across the nation with food donations, and has donated nearly 40,000 chicken fingers to-date. Some Crewmembers have even begun sewing masks during work hours to donate to local hospitals. Raising Cane’s is also working to raise money for local healthcare organizations through its Cane’s In The Moment Virtual Entertainment Series. The series features a fundraiser and performance by a different artist or group every Wednesday and Friday. All of Raising Cane’s fundraising efforts will soon surpass $500,000 in support of healthcare workers.

Beginning May 7, Raising Cane’s will continue its efforts by launching a nationwide campaign to support local healthcare communities. Nearly 470 Raising Cane’s restaurants will sell limited-edition “neck-gaiters” for $6.99, plus tax, while supplies last. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to a local healthcare group in each of the Communities that Raising Cane’s serves.

“We have been getting creative in finding ways to support and show our appreciation to the brave men and women that are battling tirelessly on the frontlines, and we’re really excited about the new neck-gaiters we’ll be selling,” said Raising Cane’s Founder & CEO Todd Graves. “With help from Caniacs across the nation, we have been able to say ‘thank you’ in a significant way, and will continue to do so for as long as necessary. These are unprecedented times, but we will get through this together.”

Raising Cane’s always operates with the highest standards of food safety, cleanliness and health, and recently, its restaurants have taken even greater measures. Restaurants will continue to serve Customers via drive-thru.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Our Continued Commitment to Protect our Crew and Communities

To our Caniacs,

As we all navigate through COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I wanted to make sure you knew what our continued commitment to help protect you, our Crew and Communities from the spread of this virus looks like, as always, health and safety are our number one priority at Raising Cane’s and I’ve outlined what you can expect from us.

Our Commitment
We operate with the highest standards of quality and cleanliness - going above and beyond what is required as well as what is common in the industry. We follow stringent policies and procedures on cleanliness, sanitization and health, because this is fundamental to who we are and what we do every single day.

We will continue to act with urgency, taking immediate steps and always do what is right to protect our Customers, our Crew and our Communities.

We are also committed to our Crew, to date we have not laid off or furloughed any Crewmember and have no plans to do so, to ensure that all of our Crew remain employed and with hours to help support themselves and serve our Communities.  Our mantra from the beginning of this pandemic has been “No Crewmember Left Behind!” and we have worked very hard to keep enough sales to come in to keep our crew employed.

To Our Customers
We are so grateful for the continued support of our Customers during this unprecedented time. Personally, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We remain committed to going above and beyond government required standards, along with recommendations published by the CDC and WHO. This includes reinforcing our industry leading sanitization standards, ensuring our Crew is healthy, following all health and social distancing guidelines, even adjusting how we serve you to limit contact.  I take this responsibility very personally.

We know how you typically experience Raising Cane’s may look different right now, so we appreciate your understanding. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come.

To Our Crew
We are so grateful for our amazing Crew - we simply couldn’t do any of this without each and every one of you.  You are keeping the lights on!  You learned new procedures like social distancing, intense sanitization, block scheduling, etc .and applied it immediately.  I think I am most touched by how friendly you are being to our customers knowing that many you serve have great hardships in their life now, many have lost their jobs. I can’t express my gratitude enough.  I am proud of all of you and it’s a privilege to work with you!

We will continue to support each Crewmember and get through this situation together. Our goal remains unchanged, to not to leave any of our Crewmembers behind – no layoffs or furloughs. Raising Cane’s is doing everything we can to keep our Crew not only safe and healthy but employed.

To Our Communities
Raising Cane’s has always sought ways to support the Communities that support us. It’s the foundation of who we are and what we believe in.

We have been involved with so many local efforts to help feed the front-line health care workers who are keeping people in our communities healthy and safe. We have donated chicken to food banks, supporting local artist and the production crews who can’t do concerts, faith-based organizations, pet welfare groups, and the list goes on.  We have the belief we all need to do our part to support each other.

We are looking for creative ways to stay involved in our Communities, while adhering to standards and guidelines that keep our Crew and Customers safe.

We welcome our Communities to continue submitting requests for support HERE and we look forward to joining you at local events in the future.

Our Actions – Living Our Commitment

Raising Cane’s has taken numerous steps to ensure the health and safety of our Customers, Crew and Communities:

  • We are serving our Customers through drive thru and installed additional plexiglass screens to help minimize direct contact among Crewmembers and Customers.
  • Our Crewmembers wash their hands and change their gloves every 10 minutes.
  • In accordance with CDC recommendations, we are providing all Crewmembers with face coverings to wear while working.
  • Dedicated Crewmembers sanitize and disinfect all surfaces consistently throughout the day. We practice social distancing.
  • All Crewmembers are assigned to a single location and we instituted what we call, ‘block scheduling’ to minimize exposure across Crew and our locations.
  • We conduct daily training updates to educate our Crew about COVID-19, changes in our operating standards and how they can help keep themselves, their family and friends healthy.
  • We have modified our attendance and paid time off policies to encourage everyone to use their best judgement if they suspect they may be sick.
  • All Raising Cane’s Crew complete a required daily check-in survey to ensure the Crew are safe and healthy – we call it the “First 5 Minutes,” executed by the Manager prior to each Crewmember starting their shift.
  • All Crewmembers that need to be quarantined due to, even suspected exposure, are paid.

These times are difficult, but we’re not alone - we are in this together. Raising Cane’s Restaurants are open, and our Crew is ready to serve you our cooked to order, quality Chicken Finger Meals safely through our drive thru.




Todd Graves
Founder, Owner & CEO

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Friday, April 3, 2020

OP-ED by Todd Graves, Founder, Owner & CEO of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Restaurants are open, and essential, and you’re still welcome to Drive-thru or Pick-up

In light of the most recent updates regarding COVID-19, several cities and states have issued a stay-at-home mandate, and more will continue to do so in the days ahead. So what does that mean for restaurants?

Shout it from the rooftops: Restaurants Are Open!
During local stay-at-home mandates, many citizens don’t realize that they can leave their house for essential needs from essential businesses. But, what exactly is an “essential” business? Technically, it’s up to cities and states to decide, but there are some businesses that all locales have deemed essential. Some of these include restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, banks and veterinary clinics.

Yes, restaurants have been deemed essential businesses by the executive office of the United States, so they can remain open for curbside pick-up, delivery (in-house and third party) and drive-thru.

While every restaurant should be doubling down on health and safety, and held to a high standard when it comes to practicing proper social distancing, they are also providing a critical service during this challenging time. Restaurants like Raising Cane’s, where our drive-thru business remains brisk, are feeding citizens from coast-to-coast throughout this unprecedented crisis.

Grocery stores are already struggling to keep up with demand and average citizens are not in a financial position to buy excessive groceries, or to stockpile their freezers and pantries for a drawn-out lockdown. Many Americans also don’t have the time to prepare three meals a day. In addition, more than half of all food spending is made at restaurants. That means restaurants are more essential than ever.

Prior to COVID-19, the restaurant industry had 15.6 million employees serving customers from more than one million restaurants across the country. The National Restaurant Association predicts five to seven million of those jobs could be lost over the next three months. We are all doing everything we can to keep our workers employed, so we’re counting on our communities to partner with us in the days and weeks ahead. I’m proud that Raising Cane’s has retained all of our amazing crew to date, and as long as we can keep our drive-thrus busy, we’ll continue to do so for the duration.

Support your local restaurants
Like many businesses across the country, restaurants have been devastated by the pandemic. Dining inside a restaurant is no longer an option, which is especially hard for concepts that don’t have a drive-thru. In most cases, restaurants are being forced to completely change their business model in order to stay open.

Now, more than ever, is the time to support your local restaurants. Take a break from cooking and have your favorite meals delivered, or get some fresh air and take advantage of curbside pick-up or drive-thru. Many restaurants have launched special discounts and offers, like family meals that are meant to be enjoyed at home. Some restaurants, like Dog Haus, have even opened their pantry to provide essential items like eggs, chicken and baking mixes, to help support their customers.

Restaurants are adapting, so it’s time for us to adapt too. Embrace the change and help support your local eateries. Tell your family, friends and neighbors…RESTAURANTS ARE OPEN!

Todd Graves is the Founder, Owner & CEO of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, a Baton Rouge, La.-based restaurant company with more than 500 Restaurants in 27 states and five countries. The company has ONE LOVE®—quality chicken finger meals—and is continually recognized for its unique business model and Customer satisfaction.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Letter from Todd

To our Caniacs,

The safety of our Customers and Crew is always a top priority. At Raising Cane’s, we operate with the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. We go above and beyond what is required as well as what is common in the industry. We follow stringent policies and procedures on cleanliness, sanitation and health. This is fundamentally who we are and what we do every day.

We remain laser-focused on the safety and well-being of our Customers and Crew, which has always been our top priority. We continue to work with health and government officials to take all necessary precautions. We are constantly monitoring this situation as it evolves and adhering to guidance published from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As we navigate this, please know our ongoing commitment to you:

  • We will do the right thing. We will take care of our Customers, our Crew and our Communities.
  • We will act with urgency. We will move quickly in taking action. We will continue to share what we know, when we know it, with any situation we may encounter.
  • We will never sacrifice quality. We will go above and beyond the standard and what’s required to ensure we maintain your confidence.

I want you to know that this is personal to me and we are working hard for you. Thank you for your loyalty and unwavering trust in me and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.



Todd Graves
Founder, Owner & CEO

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