Frequently Asked Questions



Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased at our restaurant or online at Our gift cards are redeemable at most Raising Cane’s restaurants throughout the country. Several of our franchise restaurants located in airports or university dining facilities are unable to process the gift cards.

Q. Why is there a shipping charge when purchasing gift cards online?

A. Currently, we use a third party service to sell our gift cards online and the fees associated cover that service. We understand that paying additional fees is frustrating and we are exploring new ways to sell our gift cards online.

Q. How can I purchase Raising Cane’s® t-shirts/hats?

A. Our apparel items that are available for purchase can be found by visiting Our restaurants have limited sizes and availability onsite.

Q. How can I purchase the ONE LOVE® t-shirts that the Crewmember’s are wearing?

A. Unfortunately, this shirt was designed especially for our Crewmembers and is only available to our Crewmembers. Still interested? Join our Crew by applying at

*Raising Cane’s, ONE LOVE, The Box…are federally registered trademarks of Raising Cane’s® USA, LLC.